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Dave’s high quality work comes not just from the gear and the
space, but from excellent communication, the desire to get you the sound
that YOU want, and working extra hard to make sure you have a great
finished product while staying on budget.
— Jason Tyler Burton

Why record with us?

Dave Tate - Owner, Producer, Engineer, Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist

Dave Tate - Owner, Producer, Engineer, Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist

After studying audio engineering for many years, I started Red Earth Recording Studios as a way to help my fellow musicians realize their dreams and to facilitate my own music. Keeping my studio in-home cuts costs so I can charge you less. I have well treated rooms and I use a ProTools HD system with analog summing. I have top of the line preamps, mics, and more importantly, the knowledge how to use them well. I work very quickly to keep you on budget, and am highly passionate about helping artists to succeed through great recordings! Listen for yourself.  - Dave                                

Aside from being a patient, focused, and seasoned musician/producer, Dave at Red Earth Studios is personable and real; he instantly helps you feel comfortable and at ease. This album is by far the one thing I’m most proud of.
— Katy Taylor

We will select a custom setup for your project using our State-of-the-art equipment.