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Guitar and Voice Lessons


Many people can play a couple of pieces on the guitar, or sing a basic tune; few are real musicians. I nurture musicians. I help my students understand how the building blocks of music – rhythm, melody, harmony, form, dynamics, tone, – come together to create a rich and beautiful language. Just as importantly, I help them develop the physical coordination that allows them to navigate the voice and guitar with artistry and ease. Toward these ends, my students practice not only pieces but also scales, chords, arpeggios, chord and lead sheet-reading, and exercises in many different keys. Having successfully taught many students in many styles I am confident that any serious student can become a good musician.

- Dave Tate

Studio Policies

1) Consistent practice

Ages 6-9: 30 minutes/day; 5 days/week.  

Age 10-11: 30-45 minutes/day; 5-6 days/week.

Ages 12 and older: 45 minutes/day; 6 days/week.

(Please note that the above amounts of practice time are general guidelines. Some students are expected to practice more each day.)

2) Goal-oriented practice

Students are expected to focus their practice on thoroughly accomplishing the goals we set during the previous lesson.

3) Regular and punctual attendance at lessons 

(Please see my “missed lessons” policy below.)  

4) Thorough preparation

Students are expected to come to each lesson having completed all assignments from the previous lesson. They should bring all relevant materials (notebook, music books, flashcards, etc.).

5) Parental involvement

Parents are asked to stay informed of weekly assignments and hold students accountable for their daily practice. 


Tuition is due at the beginning of each month, according to the following rates:

One 30-Minute Lesson:                                                $25
One 45-Minute Lesson:                                                $40*
One 60-Minute Lesson:                                                $50

*I charge proportionately less for 45-minute lessons in order to encourage students to sign up for longer lessons. Much more can be accomplished in 45 minutes than in 30.

Missed Lessons

I need to be able to count on a consistent monthly income, so I cannot refund tuition for missed lessons. If you foresee a need to cancel a lesson, please give me as much notice as possible. I will do my best to make it up at my home sometime over the course of the month, usually on a Saturday. If I need to cancel a lesson, I will make it up, roll tuition over to the next month, or refund tuition for that lesson, according to your preference.


I hold one to two annual studio recitals. I expect all students to participate in both recitals. Before each recital, I hold two mandatory performance classes for all students.