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3 steps to a record

We can record, mix, and master your tracks all in house, or do any part of the process individually! You can even send us your pre-recorded tracks to get mixed and or mastered! 

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Step 1 - Recording

In the recording stage we'll choose from our state-of-the-art equipment what mics, preamps and instruments will best help communicate your vision. Once we've got great tracks recorded we'll move on to mixing.  

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Step 2 - Mixing

Mixing is essentially creating balance between the tracks as well as enhancing them. It's like painting a picture with a palette of the colors you recorded. Once you have your mix you're ready for Mastering.

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Step 3 - Mastering

In this last step your finished mixes adjusted so the finished product will be both more musical and commercial. This is an important last step for records that are intended for the professional marketplace. 

Dave was incredibly easy to work with. I loved the way he recorded and mixed my drum tracks...and that says a lot since I have managed my own professional studio for the past 15 years.
— Darren Farnsworth (City Music Collective)